The pureWash Eco-Friendly Laundry System is the Detergent-Free Solution!

PureWash Eco-Friendly Laundry System

The pureWash Eco-Friendly Laundry System is truly a marvel of modern science. Imagine, not needing to use detergent to wash your clothes ever again! This revolutionary ozone and oxidization laundry system makes detergent-free cleaning a reality, in an environmentally smart way.

It's designed to pair perfectly with your residential washing machine (it's a match made in laundry heaven!). By adding enhanced oxygen and Photo Catalytic Oxidizers to the cold water supply that runs into your washing machine, you'll find that no laundry detergent is necessary to get your clothes as clean as ever before!

Q: But, without suds or the use of hot-water, what about bacteria?

A: In fact, water treated by this amazing device while actually kills bateria. And this is done without the residual gunk that detergent leaves in the fabric.

Using this unit is easy (it even turns itself off and on). To see it in action, watch as the viewing window glows blue and see the production of enhanced oxidation bubbles in the tube through the window.

Now, what about saving money along the way...?

Detergent-Free: The Cost Savings Benefit

Let's look at the cost of cleaning your clothes the "traditional" way...The average family of 4 spends between $500 - $700 per year on detergent. But what if you no longer needed to buy soap at all? Well, you'd keep $500 - $700 extra in your pocket every single year!

Then consider the cost of the heated water you'd normally use during the hundreds of wash cylces you perform a year. With this laundry system, you're hot water isn't even necessary to get the job done, so you save additional money in energy costs.

What it comes down to is this: the pureWash Laundry System will pay for itself in the first year!

Every year after that, the savings will start piling up. Calculate your annual savings by following the link. And this is not to mention the eco-friendly benefits energy savings.

Detergent-Free Means No More Allergic Reactions

Many people have allergies to laundry detergents. In fact, many have minor reactions to the chemical used without even knowing it. They may feel a light irritation from the itching going on under their clothes, but not associated it with the soaps left behind in your clothes every time they are washed.

For others, the allergic reactions are much, much worse. Some are what seems like an endless search to find the "least bad" solution.

But with this system, there's no need put up with these side effects any longer. No chemicals are used in the process, meaning no residual chemicals are left to cause a reaction.

Read the in-depth 7-part special report entitled: The Advantages of the pureWash Laundry System & also the in-depth, 2-part report: The Drawbacks of Conventional Laundry.

The pureWash Is Environmentally Friendly!

So where does the dirty water full of toxic chemicals go when it drains from your washing machine? Depending on where you live, it sometimes goes to a water treatment plant for expensive cleaning. And sometime it end up in the Earth's environment; whether in water or ground. Not so eco-friendly...

With this laundry system though, there are no harmful pollutants to introduce into the environment, making this detergent-free laundry system the eco-friendly choice.

Now You Know Some Of Benefits, What About The Features?
  • It's an Advanced Oxidation Laundry System for use with standard residential washing machines.
  • The unit supplies photo-catalytic and advanced oxidation to wash water (similar to highly-expensive commercial systems).
  • It eliminates the need for hot water use.
  • It needs no detergent to work it's magic.
  • The system is conveniently small, and also lightweight.
  • It's easy to install.
  • Automatically, the unit turns itself off and on depending on the washer's demand for water flow.
  • A cold water hose is included with your purchase.
  • By now you know...the engineering is state-of-the-art.
  • No maintenance is require to run this device properly.

See the pureWash Laundry System benefits and features page for a full, bullet-point listing.

High-Flow System
for Top Loading Washers

High-Flow System for Top Loading Washers


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Low-Flow System
for Front Loading Washers

Low-Flow System for Front Loading Washers


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